Rules and Guides for the Shopping District

Shopping District Rules:

There is one central Shopping District which is the only place where people can build shops on the server. The currency on the server is diamonds. The SD Council is a player council in charge of running and maintaining the shopping districts on the server. Shopping District (SD): Spawn The shopping district (spawn) is the center of commerce for the server! Open a shop and earn diamonds or buy any resource you need from other players. All the information you need in order to participate in the economy is below! The Shopping District is divided into 3 Tiers. These Tiers are circular rings that wrap around spawn. They are divided by 2 circular roads.

The Tiers vary in their plot prices, closer tiers to spawn have higher prices while Tiers that are further away have lower prices. However, there are certain rules that have to be followed.

Building Requirements: Plots: - Shops must be at least 2 blocks apart - Shops must show a high amount of effort gone into them - Tier 1 building code:

  • Requires connection with the road

  • Can be in any style

  • Cannot build kiosks, huts, camps, or statues. We encourage players to build full buildings that nicely adapt to roads


  • The build requires interior / enclosed space

  • It is required to use as much space as possible depending on the size you purchased.

General Rules:

  1. All shops need to have a stock theme. It is not appropriate to build an overly general shop that sells everything. Examples of themed shops are: Nether Items, Guardian Drops, Enchanted Books, Food etc. If your shop does not have a stock theme or is too overly expansive the SD Council will ask you to change it. Furthermore the themes of shops must be specific. Relative themes like “valuable stuff” can’t be used as a shop theme as they would allow for shops with a too general range of items.

  1. All shops must be checked/restocked at least once a week and remain active. If you do not restock for more than one week you will receive a warning. After 2 warnings your shop may be repossessed if they are not restocked. This rule is in place to prevent the SD from being full of empty and inactive shops. Please reach out to the SD Council if you will have an extended absence and are worried about your shop being repossessed.

  1. Do not modify any chests in a shop without permission except for payments. Please read prices carefully to make sure you are appropriately paying for what you buy.

  1. Banned players will have their shop and stock repossessed by the SD Council and sold back to the community. They may not leave or gift their shops to other players. Players who leave the server of their own accord may gift or sell their shops to another player, as long as it does not cause that player to go over the shop limit.

  1. Do not build farms of any kind in the shopping district. This is a highly trafficked area and doing so could cause lag on the server. Land you purchase in the shopping district is only to be used for building and running a shop.

  1. Tired of owning a shop? Want to sell it before it gets closed down? Players who do not wish to run a shop any longer can sell their shop back to the SD Council for the plot purchase price. To prevent plot hoarding players who wish to sell their shops must do so through the SD Council buyback program. Contact the SD Council if you would like to sell your shop!

  1. Shops that sell services need to have a “last checked” sign instead of the usual “last restocked” sign. (As it’s physically not possible to restock them with items.)

Violation of Shopping rules can and will result in your shop being closed and repossessed by the SD Council. Please contact the SD Council on Discord if you have any questions or shop related problems!

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