📔How to join

The following steps will help you in apply for vanilla

  1. Join our discord

  2. Select the @Vanilla role (If you are already in the discord, you can select the role on the top left)

  3. Go to the #Application channel and click on apply

  4. Fill out the form to the best of your ability, and use common sense

  5. Your app will be reviewed shortly by staff

  6. Once approved, you may start playing on the vanilla gamemode server Staff can deny your application for numerous reasons being: Lack of effort: making a low effort and short application that doesn't show interest and seems incompetent will result in your application being denied. Being Underage: The required age to join the server is 16+ But if your application is really well made then staff will reconsider your application judging on maturity. Wrong Code: "code? there is a code??" Yes, if the player does not submit the code then the application will be rejected.

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