📕Covfefe Rules

Read with caution.

BoxxyMC Vanilla is a whitelist gamemode that you have to apply on our discord to join. It is a Diamond based economy where you can build anything you dream of building in survival with friends.


  1. PVP with consent -You can only engage in combat with a player if they give you permission to do so. -Remember, consent can be revoked at any time.

  2. No stealing and griefing

    -Players must not mislead or trick others in any way to gain benefit (scamming is prohibited)

    -We use coreprotect to check action history. All players can check chest/block history using the command "/co i" and clicking on the chest/block.

  3. No server advertisement Do not advertise for other servers on any of our platforms.

  4. No hacking/Xraying Do not use clients that give you access to abilities, commands or items you shouldn't have

  5. No politics in server chat

  6. No sexual topics in server chat

  7. Disrespecting staff in the server chat is not allowed

  8. Asking staff to use their powers to give you free stuff in-game is prohibited

  9. Impersonating staff/MiniModding Is strictly prohibited

  10. Trespassing on other players claims -If a player asks you to leave their land you are obliged to do so and the player has the full right to report and kill if trespassing goes out of hand.

  11. Be Mindful of other player claims

    • Do not build 200 blocks around spawn (Indicated as a Green Square Outline on Dynmap)

    • Claims may have a maximum size of (300x300). If you wish to claim a bigger area for a mega-base you may file a ticket. Staff will review each of these on a case-by-case basis.

    • Try to build at least 200 blocks away from other players where possible, or check with nearby players BEFORE building.

    • Players must not access other's property without permission. This includes using, breaking, entering, and stealing.

    • To claim land, simply put a sign or use a fence/block to surround the area stating your claim.


Ban Evading (Un-Appealable): Ban Evading will result in a Permanent IP ban First Offense -> Permanent IP Ban Bug Abusing (Appealable): Finding a bug that gives you upper advantage using aserver/plugin error will result in you getting banned off our network. First Offense -> Permanent Ban (Appealable) Second Offense -> Permanent Ban (Un-Appealable)

Inappropriate IGN / Skin / Cape (Appealable)

  • A skin which breaks any other rules or is not appropriate for the server. Players will be banned until they change their IGN / Skin / Cape. Ban evasion bans do not apply to this rule. First Offense -> Permanent Ban(Appealable)

Mute Evading

  • Evading a mute (regardless of length and how), including signs or alt accounts or using Mc-Chat, will result in an IP-Ban.

  • First Offense -> 1d IP-Ban

  • Second Offense -> 3d IP-Ban

  • Third Offense -> Permanent IP-Ban (Appealable)

Scamming (Appealable)

  • When agreeing to a deal with another player both sides of the party MUST comply. To prevent being scammed, ensure to record any trade you do with another player and use /trade.

  • First Offense -> 7d Ban

  • Second Offense -> 14d Ban

  • Third Offense -> 31d Ban

  • Fourth Offense -> Permanent Ban

Store Scamming (Un-Appealable)

  • Attempting to scam the server out of money.

  • First Offense -> Permanent IP-Ban

Teaming / Assisting Rule Breakers

  • Helping hackers to benefit either yourself or them, with full knowledge they are breaking the rules.

  • First Offense -> 7d Ban

  • Second -> 14d Ban

  • Third -> 31d Ban

  • Fourth -> Permanent Ban (Un-Appealable)

Use Of Hacks or Disallowed Modifications (Un-Appealable)

  • Using any modification which is against the rules or hacked client. This also includes any modification which can be used via a mouse or keyboard. Built in macros / double click buttons are strictly forbidden. This is to ensure that there is fair play on the server.

  • First Offense -> Permanent IP Ban (Appealable)

Auto-clickers (Appealable) Auto-clicking is allowed but Auto-fishers is NOT allowed and using them will result in a ban as it grants the player unfair advantage over others First Offense -> Permanent Ban

Stealing & Greifing: due to the constant changes and growth of our server, staff will NOT retrieve any stolen items or fix any griefed area if it isn't claimed. If a player trusts someone in their claim as their "teammate" and then that person steals/griefs then that person will be punished and the duration is to be set by the staff judging if it was mass theft or not.

PVP without consent: There is nothing a player can do stop players from attacking them in the wilderness and no strict rule under this, but if a player keeps harassing another fellow server member, constantly killing them while they're at peace then staff will interfere. First Offense -> tp away + warning Second Offense -> Tp away + 7day Ban Third Offense -> Permanent Ban (Appealable)

Building farms/Lag machines that could crash the server: Building lag machines that could ruin other players experience on our server is strictly prohibited. Here is the list of banned farms: -Raid farm -Any form of portal farms -Dragon farms -Any form of Chunk loaders -Any farm that you can't put an off/on button to isn't allowed

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