đŸ”ļAbout Survival

About us

This is a survival server that features enhanced gameplay mechanics that adds additional content to minecraft SMP. Amass wealth, increase your levels, and grind your way to the top of the leaderboard.


  • Bedrock supported

  • Map Size: 10000 x 10000

  • Grief recovery. (Coreprotect)

  • Active Xray Protection

  • Active Discord server

  • Customs weapons, armor, and consumables

  • Quests, ranks, and crates

  • Dungeon raids

  • Weekly events

  • Tons of cosmetics features

  • Claims to protect your builds

  • 100% Survival

  • Version: Always latest


  • LGBTQ friendly

  • Accept all kinds of players.

  • Well organized Shopping District

  • A very active community

  • Fast ticket support from staff

  • All staff play in survival & get treated as players

  • Most current Paper optimization

  • Community Projects

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