By joining BoxxyMC you are unconditionally obliged to follow and respect each one of our rules. These rules are subject to change and apply to all of our gamemodes.

Some rules may be different for each gamemode, you can check those specific rules in the respective sections on the left.

  1. Treat all players with respect.

  • Be inclusive of all community members. We are a LGBTQ+ friendly community.

  • Moderate swearing is allowed but should not be abused/targeted towards any player.

  • Drama, toxicity, politics, and religion in chat are unacceptable.

  • Discrimination in any form is unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism, xenophobism, etc.

  • Do not pressure any member of the server to reveal personal info about themselves through chat, #introductions, or pronouns react. These are all purely voluntary.

  • Suicide jokes or threats about yourself or other players is unacceptable. If you are struggling or having thoughts of suicide please confide in a trusted friend or relative. As server staff, there are limited resources we can provide to help you through a computer screen, so please reach out to someone you know personally so that they can better assist.

  • Talking/trying to ruin a staff members reputation in discrete without confronting them in a ticket about certain actions is not allowed

  • If you have an issue with another player, including a staff member, please make a support ticket (player report)

  1. Follow chat etiquette - no advertisements, spam or excessive caps on any BoxxyMC-related platforms

  • Players must not use caps excessively or spam

  • Players must not advertise other Minecraft-related servers or services

  1. If you have issues with anything, please open a ticket on Discord for the team to investigate. We will work together to help you out:

  • If you have an issue with a specific player, or a member of staff, please create a ticket (player report) for the attention of the staff team.

  • If you have an issue with a bug in-game, or any other in-game issue, please create a ticket (general support) so that the staff team can help.

  • If you have an issue with redeeming items that you purchased from the BoxxyMC store, please create a ticket (store support).

  1. No stealing or griefing.

  • Stealing is taking something that is not yours.

  • Griefing is modifying something that is not yours.

  • Players must not mislead or trick others in any way to gain benefit (scamming is prohibited.

  • We use coreprotect to check server history. All players can check chest/block history using the command /co i and clicking on the chest/block.

  1. Be mindful of other player's land claims

  • Do not build 200 blocks around spawn (Indicated as a Green Square Outline on Dynmap)

  • Claims may have a maximum size of (300x300). If you wish to claim a bigger area for a mega-base you may file a ticket. Staff will review each of these on a case-by-case basis.

  • Try to build at least 200 blocks away from other players where possible, or check with nearby players BEFORE building.

  • Players must not access other's property without permission. This includes using, breaking, entering, and stealing.

  • To claim land, simply put a sign or use a fence/block to surround the area stating your claim.

  • Players who do not build on their claimed lands after 45 days of claiming, the land will be subject to claiming by other players. If another player wishes to build on an expired claim. Please open a support ticket on discord. Any self-claiming will be considered theft, and appropriate punishment will be given.

  • Note: This only affects claims on generated structures and natural areas.

  1. Always PvP with consent

  • PvP is allowed on the server but only if both/all parties agree. -Remember, consent can be revoked at any time

  1. Hacked clients and other unfair modifications to the game are not allowed.

If you are applying for our vanilla server, write the following code in the tickets chat: 9H2JBD7

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